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Screened some projection work at Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive’s Annual Gala. Sadly due to seismic structural threats this is one of the final events in the beautiful brutalist piece of architecture. Below the event flyer is a rendering of their new space in downtown Berkeley plus some of the Voronoise polygons I mapped to the structures. More documentation coming soon.

This table was designed to a mobile, modular, flat-pack spec (14” x 36” x 3”). When assembled, the height of the tabletop is situated 200mm (the height of a kotatsu) from the ground and can comfortably hold 2 MacBook Pros. It is made with 3/4” Russian Birch wood on a CNC Mill at OtherLab in San Francisco by the inimitable Ryan Alexander. It is a reflection of the sculpture (yet to be revealed) that will be looming behind me during the performance. The table was generatively modeled in Grasshopper


// DATE: Friday, August 30 2013

// TIME: Doors 7:00pm | Performance 7:30pm

// WHERE: Devotion Gallery | 54 Maujer St., Brooklyn, NY 11206


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"Ritual is the primary method of programming the human organism."
- Sam Webster
Much like creating a piece of software, a ritual is crafted procedurally and, when compiled correctly, there are results based upon what constituted the contents of the procedure. Vatica Dahlia’s Rites is a custom time-based system designed to port, compress, and obfuscate the Knowledge that has been handed down throughout the ages by the mages, sages, shamans, and initiates. Structured into distinct ten Chapters, each element utilizes a combination of networked performance, spatial sound, projection-mapped architecture, fashion, and ceremonial magic as a vehicle for transmutation and transmission.
DATE: Friday, August 30 2013
TIME: Doors 7:00pm // Performance 7:30pm
WHERE: Devotion Gallery, 54 Maujer St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
Place: Pyramind, 823 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94107
Time: 7pm - 10pm 
Date: August 15, 2013 
Cost: $5-10 Suggested Donation (no one turned away) 
The hack will begin with a special intro from our hosts, Christopher Willits and Cullen Miller. Hacking will begin after we pass around some of the resources that we have put together for the night’s hack topic: audio processing. Soon thereafter we will make a quick break and shift into “HACK MODE” where attendees will take an ad hoc approach to collaborate and share ideas. At the end of the evening, teams or individuals are invited share their new devices with everyone. All projects will be documented on Overlap’s site and hackers are encouraged to share their work on the repository with the hashtag #M4LHackEvent and on twitter to allow users that aren’t in San Francisco to fork your patches for their own projects. Both new and experienced users are encouraged to come, and make sure to bring your laptop!
An afternoon at Periphony Systems
photo of subcritical Turing bifurcation on a shitty LCD screen

Nice & Easy, 2013

self-portrait: frame buffering, 2012